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Rusty Sin

Hi, I'm Russell Sellen, better known as Rusty Sin. When I first met Mark I must admit that I was a little intimidated due to the fact that he's a burly guy and that I was new to the whole Body Modification scene. As time passed, I went the shop almost every day to hang out and talk.  Finally, I asked for a job. I started by working the counter cleaning all sorts of stuff.

I have always been curious about body modifications of all sorts, it intrigued me in a very special way.  Mark is literally the raddest guy I have ever met, we connected . He's like a father to me, and I mean that with lots of respect. Anyway, eventually I was asked to apprentice.

A regular apprenticeship lasts about 8 months.  Mine lasted 2 years. Mark and I felt that decision was the best for me in the long run. In the beginning of my apprenticeship, I started to do basic tapering and jewelry changes for clients that came in. I then started to bring in friends (under Mark's supervision) and began to pierce them. I started to pierce more and more and now I am a fully licensed body artist in the state of Washington. 

Thanks to Mark Only for teaching me this great art form. I can't wait to see what’s in store for my body modifications. I feel that the more I learn, do, practice, and teach, the better off I am.

I attended the APP conference in Vegas in june of 2013, and I must say that the knowledge and insight I learned there about body piercings, rituals, services and so much more. I am happy to bring that all back to my clientele and make things better at the shop.

We treat everyone who walks thru the door here at OPP just the way we would want to be treated. We do not have any rockstar attitude or any crap like that. Thats what sets us aprt from other places. We would not be where we are today if it weren't for you guys and all the support you have shown us these past years.

You are all a part of what we have grown to be. Dont ever change, be just the way you are. Dont ever let anyone ever talk down on you because you chooses to decorate your body with piercings and tattoos. Thats what sets you apart from being a carbon copy of everyone else.

Be yourself,


All my love,

Rusty Sin